Your Business Challenge

Whether you’re looking to increase sales, reduce your admin overheads or minimise your compliance risk, the Datam platform can provide the solution.

Improve your sales and onboarding journey

Datam was built from our experience of running a payments technology business and payments processing sales operations. We understand the industry, its problems and its regulatory and compliance requirements. We’ve used our skills and experience to develop a solution that transforms the entire sales and onboarding journey, building on best practice to deliver improvements to our customers.

I want to…

Increase Sales

Datam can help you engage, profile, quote and onboard new merchants in under five minutes

Improve Efficiency

Our platform optimises every step of the merchant journey to reduce your admin overheads

Ensure Compliance

Datam uses extensive data harvesting and verification to minimise input errors and regulatory risk

Why Datam?

Increase sales, reduce costs, keep your business safe

At Datam, we recognise the complexity and inefficiency of the traditional approach to selling merchant services and the frustrations they cause. 

We’ve been at the sharp end of the industry for many years and believe there’s a better way. Why should businesses wait days or even weeks for their card processing service when they can be up and running within minutes?

Our revolutionary approach to merchant journey management aims to simplify the entire process, using our expertise and skills to help our customers overcome all their onboarding problems.

We’re on a mission to transform the world of merchant onboarding by providing an innovative technology platform that enables our customers to increase sales, improve efficiency, ensure compliance and enhance productivity.