The Datam Platform

Our innovative platform streamlines and automates the entire payments value chain for merchant onboarding, allowing you to sign up new customers in five minutes or less.

Our Solution

From lead to live in five minutes

The Datam platform brings together and orchestrates the entire payments value chain, from controlled pricing mechanisms to compliance and risk, setting up the payment gateway and terminal finance to logistics and terminal/EPoS system configuration.

It means you provide amazing merchant onboarding and sales experiences to get your customers up and running within minutes, not days (or even weeks). It makes the entire onboarding process much slicker, covering:

The Datam platform enables you to sell to and onboard new customers in minutes – not days or weeks – and meet the various compliance and data protection needs.

It’s not just a different way of doing things. It’s a revolutionary new way – and much better for it. If you’re sick and tired of the same old inefficiencies in the merchant services value chain, why not give Datam a try?


Our team has extensive experience in the payments industry, building automated software systems that simplify and streamline sales, marketing and payment processes. We understand the industry and its long-standing problems. We’ve used our skills and experience to develop a solution that transforms the entire merchant sales and onboarding journey, building on best practice to help you improve your business performance. 

The Datam platform is optimised to maximise your customer engagement and sales conversion ratios. It offers an intuitive user experience that automatically presents the customer journey in the best way possible for that device. It uses pre-populated data wherever possible to maximise data accuracy and minimise application re-work and other admin overheads. And because of the way its real-time API integrates with every element of the value chain, it takes less than five minutes to receive a fully approved Merchant ID for instant fulfilment.

The Datam platform can help your business achieve…


90% less data input compared to traditional approaches


22% increase in sales conversions

Customer satisfaction

30% increase in customer satisfaction

Sales margin

10% increase across sales margins


35% increase in sales productivity


Fully aligned to acquirers’ underwriting needs

Why Datam?

Increase sales, reduce costs, keep your business safe

We recognise the complexity and inefficiency of the traditional approaches to selling merchant services and the frustrations they cause. We’ve been at the sharp end of the industry for many years and believe there’s a better way. Why should your business wait days or even weeks for their card processing service when you can be up and running within minutes?

Datam gives you much more than a better way to sell to merchants directly. We also give you the best possible platform for your partners and introducers, allowing them to sell more easily, giving you greater deal flow and even more partners attracted to your slick, quick sign up processes.

Our revolutionary approach to merchant journey management simplifies the entire process, using our expertise and skills to help you overcome all your onboarding problems.

We’re on a mission to transform the world of merchant onboarding by providing an innovative technology platform that enables our customers to increase sales, improve efficiency, ensure compliance and enhance productivity.