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Less admin, less waiting around – more time for selling.

Onboard new customers in 5 minutes or less

Save countless hours of sales time every month with Datam’s automated onboarding platform.

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Boost conversions & sales

Reduce keystrokes & admin time

Built-in compliance

Merchant onboarding, reimagined

When you’ve got customers to please, targets to meet and only 8 hours of selling a day – you simply can’t afford to be wasting time. With Datam, you can wave goodbye to lengthy application forms and week-long approval processes, and hello to instant response, fully automated onboarding.

Onboard customers in
5 minutes, not 5 days

The entire onboarding journey takes just five minutes from lead to live, meaning you can approve customers on the spot and get their new machine delivered the very next day.
5 Minutes

No more compliance headaches

With compliance built-in at every step through the process, you can focus on selling without creating unnecessary headaches throughout the value chain.

Leave customers satisfied

Reduced keystrokes and immediate approvals mean happier customers all around. Helping you build positive relationships right off the bat.

30% Increase in Customer Satisfaction

We bought onboarding into the 21st Century

The Datam effect


Less manual data input

Efficient onboarding = more time

94% less keystrokes and reduced errors helps avoid wasting any time on sales visits.


Increase in sales efficiency

More time = more client visits

With more time on your hands, you can see more prospects than ever before.


Increase in conversions

More client visits = more sales

With more client visits and a slicker onboarding process – you’ll be crushing your sales targets in no time.
“Getting set up was so much easier than I’ve had in the past. It was all online and auto-fill, and I didn’t have to wait days to get accepted. I got an answer on the spot and my machine arrived the next day!”
Owner, The Black Horse Pub

Discover the new way to onboard new customers

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Bill Mooney

CEO, Datam

“For as long as I can remember, onboarding customers in the card payments world has been a nightmare for everyone involved.

The lengthy paperwork, waiting for weeks for customers to get approved, the back and forth over typos and missed information…

The whole process has been due a serious rethink for a long time.

That’s why we created Datam – to give businesses a more efficient way to onboard merchant customers and maximise sales while keeping up with compliance.

We’ve helped businesses increase conversions by as much as 30%, boost sales by 44%, and save thousands of hours of sales and admin time. Not to mention the dramatic reduction in operational costs...

We’ve revolutionised the way card payment businesses onboard merchants and we’d love to show you what it can do for you for your sales too.”