Solutions for ISVs

Datam’s innovative onboarding platform integrates and automates the entire payments value chain, so you can launch your payments service offering with minimal cost, risk and effort.

Simplify your payment offering

As an independent software vendor (ISV), enabling your customers to take payments swiftly and effortlessly can form a valuable part of your relationship with them. They’ll be able to maximise the financial benefits of your software solution if they are ready ready to take payments out of the box, with minimal stress, cost or hassle.

Datam is on a mission to change the way ISVs sell payments services, to add value to your software, differentiate your sales proposition and give you a competitive edge. Our innovative platform encompasses the entire payments value chain, preconfigured and ready to sell.

We’ve taken care of all the partnership agreements, process automations, integrations and contracts, ready for you to prepare, implement and launch. With Datam, your customers can start taking payments in just five minutes, adding value to your software or SaaS platform, differentiating your proposition and giving you a competitive edge.

Streamlining every stage of the sales journey

Built with ISVs in mind

Our system seamlessly integrates with the entire payments value chain, helping you deliver a flawless onboarding experience.

Frictionless integration

Developer-friendly APIs make it easy to integrate your software or SaaS platform with ours, ready for you to prepare, implement and launch.

Compliance built in

Compliance is system-driven. It’s impossible to submit a merchant application if it doesn’t align with your acquirer partners' compliance and underwriting requirements. We love to help enhance your relationship with your business partners.

Optimised for sales

The Datam platform is ready to go, saving you the considerable time, cost and risk of trying to pull the payments value chain together, giving you faster time to revenue for your extended payments proposition.

Enhanced data accuracy

Extensive use of data harvesting and validation is central to the application process, which helps reduce inputting errors and ensure accuracy. Removing the need to re-key application forms keeps your sales team more efficient, productive and motivated.

Instant underwriting decisions

While traditional underwriting approaches take days or even weeks, our system delivers an instant underwriting decision once an application is submitted. It's tailored to align with your acquiring partners’ processes and policies, so your customers receive a far superior sales and onboarding experience.

A seamless payment services offering

A new era for merchant sales and onboarding

Datam was built from our experience of running a payments technology business and payments processing sales operations. We understand the industry, its problems and its regulatory, compliance and data security requirements. We’ve used our skills and experience to develop a solution that transforms the entire payments value chain, so ISVs can deliver seamless payment processing services to their clients.

We’ll help you build the ideal customer proposition to make your software or SaaS solution stand out from your competitors. It means you can deliver real value to your customers while maximising your own sales and conversion ratios, minimising your admin overheads and ensuring underwriting and regulatory compliance for your acquiring partners.

The Datam difference

The Datam platform can help your ISV business achieve…

35% increase

in sales efficiency

Other Systems
Datam System

22% increase

in conversion rates

Other Systems
Datam System

40% reduction

in operational admin

Other Systems
Datam System

90% reduction

in data input in the sales process

Other Systems
1970 Keystrokes
Datam System
147 Keystrokes

Why Datam?

Increase sales, reduce costs, keep your business safe

At Datam, we recognise the complexity and inefficiency of the traditional approach to selling merchant services and the frustrations they cause. We’ve been at the sharp end of the industry for many years and have proved there’s a better way. Why should businesses wait days or even weeks for their card processing service when they can be up and running within minutes?

Datam gives you much more than a better way to sell payments services to your existing customers. We also help you enhance your SaaS or software proposition, helping you attract more customers and earn more income from each customer.

Our revolutionary approach to merchant journey management simplifies the entire process, using our expertise and skills to help you overcome the problems normally associated with selling card processing services.

We’re on a mission to transform the world of merchant onboarding by providing an innovative technology platform that enables our customers to increase sales, improve efficiency, ensure compliance and enhance productivity.