about Payments

Datam exists to take the complexity out of merchant onboarding and put you in control. We’ve made it our mission to revolutionise the payment sector with our innovative automated platform for selling merchant services.

About Datam

At Datam, we recognise the complexity and inefficiency of the traditional approaches to onboarding customers and the frustrations they cause. We’ve been at the sharp end of the industry for more than 20 years and know there’s a better way. Our revolutionary approach to merchant sales and journey management simplifies the entire process, using the latest technology to help you overcome your onboarding problems.

The future of payment processing

A new era for merchant onboarding

Datam has proved there’s a better way to onboard customers and manage the way you sell merchant services. The traditional approach is old and tired. It’s no longer fit for purpose. Why should businesses wait days or even weeks for an onboarding process when they can be up and running within minutes?

We’ve experienced first-hand the hassle, cost and frustration of dealing with each element of the payments value chain in isolation. Our solution was to develop a platform that harnesses the latest technology, our extensive software development expertise, and our connections across the payments sector value chain.

Datam automates the entire merchant journey to help our customers overcome the industry’s long-standing problems, with compliance built in.

Our values

We’re on a mission to transform the world of merchant sales and onboarding by providing an innovative platform that enables our customers to increase sales, improve efficiency, ensure compliance, enhance productivity and gain a competitive edge.

Everything we do is driven by our philosophy of combining product leadership, customer intimacy and operational excellence to ensure our solution remains at the cutting edge of the card payments industry. This is underpinned by our values of…


Innovation is owned by everyone. Supported by a culture of learning, we develop next generation products and services to deliver category killing innovation.


The lasting impression we leave with everything we do and say. We will change the way the payments sector does business by standing out for the right reasons.


We refuse to be bound by convention! By acting on our innovations quickly and with creative agility, we deliver maximum value for all stakeholders.


Honest, open, ethical and transparent. We will always do the right thing by our colleagues, partners, customers and shareholders.

Our leadership team

Datam’s founders, Bill Mooney and Miles Carroll, each have more than 30 years’ experience in building and selling process improvement software in marketing, ID verification, payments and customer onboarding. Their unique combination of skills has made it possible to create Datam’s revolutionary approach to merchant onboarding and end-to-end sales journey management.

Bill Mooney

Co-Founder & CEO

Bill’s passion for ending industry-wide inefficiency in sales and merchant onboarding processes lies behind our mission to transform the payments sector. Over the years, Bill has successfully led several major business improvement projects in the payments sector, based on principles learned during 16 years in marketing automation.

Miles Carroll

Co-Founder & Chairman

Miles shares Bill’s vision to end inefficiency in the payments sector through the smart application of technology to solve the industry’s long-standing problems. With a stellar background in customer onboarding, payments and ID verification, Miles has the skills to ensure the Datam platform is a genuine game-changer.

The Datam journey so far


The first version of the software was delivered in October 2016 as an internal project within a payments business.


We tested prototypes at the world’s largest payments trade show in Las Vegas and received overwhelmingly positive feedback. We’d bought the Datam domain name before landing back at Heathrow.


In late 2018, an earlier version of the product was evaluated by Visa and gained their funded project support in an initiative to make it easier for SMEs to gain access


The project was successfully rolled out on time and on budget and is now the default platform for 2 UK based financial institutions.


The 4th major version of the platform was subsequently released in June 2020.


The platform is now being adopted by an increasing community of sellers and businesses in the value chain – including a leading ‘order and pay at table’ app.